Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hello out there to all the people that come across this. It is 10:32 pm central time here in Dallas on Sunday night. Let me tell you it's boring. I might watch a movie but I doubt that I'll get the laughs like I did off the movie Dodgeball.

If you have seen it then you know some of the laughs I'm talking about. I laughed hysterically at the scene with "Patches" throwing (referred to as "spanners" in Britain) wrenches in order to teach the players how to dip , duck, etc so as to keep out of range of the ball.

Important Cultural Note: Pete has just explained to me that people in Britain will know what I mean when I say "wrench" but that in Britain a wrench is a type of spanner. I stand corrected.

Ben Stiller was goofy and very funny as usual so this movie is a hit with me. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching for a laugh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Can you believe it?

I'm sure everyone has seen what is in the news about Pat Robertson but I just had to post something.

Can you believe the sheer stupidity of this man? In a country that hammers on about terrorism he is allowed to get away with a comment like that is simply beyond me.

If some ordinary Joe/Josie blow talked that way on a street corner, he or she would undoubtedly be arrested for it on some charge or the other. Not so with the religious zealots. They can get by with what they want. Which figures.

It just proves something I've known all along. It doesn't matter how much some people spout off about being "christian" that just doesn't always make it true.

In any case, I hope he will at least get some sort of nasty reprimand from the higher ups.

New TV Technology

As many of you know I love movies. I also enjoy watching them at home and other than the screen size, I prefer watching movies in the comfort of our home more than sitting in a theater. This brings me to the point of this post.

I often look at the sale papers that are in the mailbox for some of the local stores. There is usually more than one ad listing all the different TV's the store has. There are so many things about TV's now that I have no idea what is better and what gives you the best picture for the money etc.

I feel like the TV manufacturers are creating a language that only they understand. Well them and the chosen ones that are privy to the TV lingo. If any of you understand the details in buying a new plasma TV, please leave a note on my blog so my brain won't implode from the stress.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shitty Spammers

Hi everybody! After having gotten a crappy spammer leaving their shitty comments in my comment field, Pete suggested that I choose the setting that will force people leaving comments to have a security word so that automated spammers have no way to leave messages.

If that helps then that's great. If not, I'll still delete what the ignorant fucks leave on my site. I make it a policy to never buy anything that is sent via any kind of spam. That includes people calling me on the telephone too.

Invariably at dinner time everyday some shit head calls our house trying to get us to buy something or use their shit products or give them donations. I have no problem at all in telling them all that I never, never buy anything or give donations when people call my house. If they want something from me, they can send it via regular mail then I will at least consider it. If they get snotty on the phone then I generally cuss them out and put them in their place. Which is where they belong anyway.

I think if more people would put their foot down and do the same sort of thing and simply refuse to give donations or use services/products, a lot of the spamming would stop. But as long as people are ignorant enough to use the shit these fucking retards push, the spammer morons will keep on. Not me my friend.

I won't cater to their needs regardless of what it is and I hope more people will pick up my lead and do the same.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Rockin' with the stones

I fooled you with the title didn't I? I'll bet you thought you were going to read about some fabulous concert with the Stones eh? No such luck. I only wish it were that kind of stone to which I refer.

This month has been simply unbelievable. I haven't posted much because I have been in and out of the hospital so much, I think I've been there more than at home.

As many of my readers and friends know, I was having trouble with a 10 mm kidney stone that simply refused to be removed. No matter what the Doctors tried, it just wouldn't budge. With my kidneys in danger of serious damage, The Doctor decided to put a tube into m kidney and then go in via the tube and remove the stone.

The second Doctor that was to put the tube in place tried for over two hors only to find that the collection area of my kidney is only about half the size of most other people. I had twelve (12) holes in my back where he tried to figure out a way to get the tube in place. Needless to say it never worked.

One week later, my regular Doctor that handles this put me back in the hospital and used a laser to finally get the little bastard out.

Hooray, this time he got it! Hip hooray for me! If I live to be 100, I hope I never have another kidney stone again. God they suck!

I wish I had asked him to save any bits of the stone he could so that I could put them in a baggy and then run them over with the car.

I have a question for any health care workers that read this. Why is it that nurses and technicians all feel that even being in serious pain I should be friendly and in a good, jolly mood? Let me tell you, that will never happen with me. I am a horrid patient. Hands down, I fully admit it.

I am every nurses nightmare. At least the nurses here in Texas. They all want to be chatty which I didn't feel like being. Now I am not ugly or mean to anyone but I simply don't want to talk, chat or be around anyone when I am in pain. I prefer to talk only when necessary that way I am less likely to say anything rude to anyone. I think that is fair and isn't too much to ask.

I detest being in any situation where I must ask anyone for help. I like to do for myself and I like being able to handle things myself. I don't want someone holding my arm while I walk to the bathroom or someone looking in the door while I try to have a wee. I much prefer to be the one helping someone else. And unlike some people, it doesn't bother me if someone is grumpy or crabby to me when they are ill or in pain. Hey, shit happens right?

So, I now am on the mend finally and I hope to never have any more problems with kidney stones again. I will consider myself a fortunate woman if that happens.

Until later, enjoy your stone-free life and if you happen to have a kidney stone, you have my sincere sympathy.