Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shitty Spammers

Hi everybody! After having gotten a crappy spammer leaving their shitty comments in my comment field, Pete suggested that I choose the setting that will force people leaving comments to have a security word so that automated spammers have no way to leave messages.

If that helps then that's great. If not, I'll still delete what the ignorant fucks leave on my site. I make it a policy to never buy anything that is sent via any kind of spam. That includes people calling me on the telephone too.

Invariably at dinner time everyday some shit head calls our house trying to get us to buy something or use their shit products or give them donations. I have no problem at all in telling them all that I never, never buy anything or give donations when people call my house. If they want something from me, they can send it via regular mail then I will at least consider it. If they get snotty on the phone then I generally cuss them out and put them in their place. Which is where they belong anyway.

I think if more people would put their foot down and do the same sort of thing and simply refuse to give donations or use services/products, a lot of the spamming would stop. But as long as people are ignorant enough to use the shit these fucking retards push, the spammer morons will keep on. Not me my friend.

I won't cater to their needs regardless of what it is and I hope more people will pick up my lead and do the same.


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