Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holidays again

Happy Christmas

May the spirit and blessings of the season
follow you into the new year and beyond!


Well, it's about time! It has taken me at least three weeks of the most stupid shit just trying to get help with a problem with my blogs. JESUS CHRIST. What a pain in the ass this has been.

You can't talk to anyone or write to anyone or call anyone. Who the fuck created a setup like that? Take it from me, that is extremely bad business.

When Google took over I really had a feeling things just like this would happen and to my acute irritation and amazement, I was right. I've never experienced such a total load of horse shit in my life trying to just get through to a person or at the very least have information on the forums that is actually helpful.

No such luck with either.

After much crap - and it finally took Pete over a week including - four (4) hours on Sunday - trying to get things sorted out.

Finally! It's done now so I can at least post things again.

Thank all the heavens.