Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Near and dear to my heart.

Palestinian and Israeli men will climb Mt. Everest together in world peace climb.

Read the full story here. Everest Peace Project.

Friday, February 24, 2006

A shelter kitten

I took this photo at the Richardson Animal Shelter.

All their kittens and cats need good homes.

Morons of the animal kingdom. Oh wait - those are humans!

I have to post a note after reading Deek's last post. I fail to see any humor in some sick son of a bitch using any animal sexually.

As for the Sudanese man being forced to marry a goat, that part is at least funny because the thoughtless shithead that felt sexually molesting the goat was alright got his just desserts.

Well, at least now he has something to keep his little pecker busy. Oh and it's all nice and legal since they are married. HAHA...

The other guy, gay or not is just as bad. I am sure that were he to try he could find a partner somewhere. Can you say, "Moron"?

If all of it is untrue then mores the pity since someone thinks that sort of shit is funny. Animal deserve respect too.

A Special Love For Animals

There's this delightful, touching story, romantic and rather special....

and there's this one... which is a different kind of beast altogether.

What do you reckon?

I reckon it's as old as the hills...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Deek Deekster Mauled by Cockabindi for second time!

Yes folks you read it here first. Deek Deekster has again been mauled by an irate Cockabindi. This attack comes weeks after another similar attack.

When asked what happened this time Deek is quoted as saying, "The bird looked stupid and I told it so. I didn't realize the Cockabindi simply couldn't take hearing the truth."

After the last mauling our readers might think that Deek had learnt his lesson but this is not the case.

Here are a few tips when dealing with Cockabindi:

1. Never insult them.
2. Don't mention their toenails.
3. Don't comment on their plumage.
4. And never speak of broccoli.

Those tips won't save you in a real pinch but they might help in lesser cases.

Best of luck Deek for a speedy recover and keep away from those Cockabindis.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Face Found in Corn & Pea Mixture!

This face was found in a mix of corn and green peas. It could have religious significance or it could be the face of Alfred E. Newman.

And now for something slightly different.

Ok first things first because I've been gone for about a thousand years. Ok, ok maybe that is a tad bit of an exaggeration but still, I haven't done a proper post in ages.

There are several things I want to address in this post. One is, when you see all these "please donate" buttons on sites where you get icons and cool desktop images what is a decent and fair amount to donate without the artist getting ripped off and without me getting the shaft as well while people laugh and say stuff like, "she paid how much for those icons? What a maroon!"

Another thing I want to mention is the fact that toothpaste marketing people like to make us think that their container is brand new and totally unique. No, it is not. Their statement is a gross infraction of the truth. Maybe I should say the tooth. Har har...

And what the hell kind of peppers do Chinese cooks use? We had Chinese the other night and my son Jc got some General Tso's Chicken. When I went to hand him his I got a bit of the sauce on my finger. Not a lot, just a tiny small bit so I licked it off.

This was a huge mistake. My entire tongue and the right side of my face burst into flames. Damn. Well it felt like it anyway. My son who is 23 looked at me and grunted,"it probably isn't really that hot."

If he ate that stuff and still felt that way then I may need an exorcist fast because Satan himself couldn't eat that without a gallon of milk handy to extinguish the flames.

Whatever those peppers were, they could be used as a very effective weapon. We could load them into a pepper gun and shoot them at people that piss us off on the highway. Here in Dallas that is a lot of drivers.

Now I'll have Dallas residents riding around town reading this via their PDA's saying, "what the hell does she know anyway?"

Another thing on this post is the subject of closets. I have figured out that American designers want to drive people like me insane with the tiny closets they put in all the houses. Some day I hope to have two houses. One will just be a big roomy closet that I can wander through with a dazed, vacant look on my face while I marvel at all the space. I await the day people.

My other son Donny - who I miss dearly - is on his ship and will leave port in a few days for a month (Refer to my earlier post of The Navy Hymn) at sea. While I am very proud of my son, sometimes it's hard to be a Navy Mom. ...(sighhh).