Monday, February 28, 2005

What's goin' on

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. I have been away from my desk and in turn away from my blog writing for awhile now. Have you guys missed me? Wait, don't answer that. After such a long absence, I thought I would catch up a bit on things 'round here.

My health has been reasonably good other than stress. I need a good cure for stress. Suggestions are most welcome! Normally acting like a complete idiot usually does the trick and it really isn't that difficult for me to do since I am that way most of the time anyway. Too many years of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live.

Nothing much has gone on other than the normal everyday life stuff. Kinda boring actually. Maybe I should go out and run over my own foot with the car to bring some excitement into my life. Again, suggestions are most welcome. And before any wisenheimer says it, I meant excitement not new and improved ideas for running over my own foot.

I watched the Oscars last night and it was great to see Morgan Freeman win best supporting actor. I've always loved his work. He seems to choose characters that he fits easily into. Congratulations to Mr. Freeman. Like others I was rather surprised that some movies weren't listed.

Special FX for Chronicles of Riddick should have been one. I'm not sure how they rate Fx and all for movies. It would be interesting I'm sure. I still think that at least part of it is who you know and who you are friends with. If that is the case, I doubt I would ever receive one since I never fit into anyone else's neat little mold.

In light of my growing concern for peace in the world, I am uploading a flag that I created. As time goes by I may edit this and add to it. We'll see. Help keep peace in the meantime.

Kate's peace flag

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ahhh what fun.

As I'm sure everyone has noticed I haven't been on much of late. I thought I might give some explanation of what has been going on that kept me away. I just know you all are holding on to the edge of your seats waiting to find out.

First off, Pete and I both caught horrid colds complete with bad sore throats, sneezing, etc. Yes, Sam, Ella and the germ family were back again with even more luggage. I think they may have brought a few cousins along this time too.

I'm thinking of making it mandatory that we all eat a Lysol based soup with dinner at the rate we get colds. What? You're thinking this isn't a good idea? Ok fine - I won't then. We can all just end up with ebola or some other Ola and crash and bleed out all over the carpet. I still want to move to Vancouver so I can hopefully freeze the germs before the nasty little buggers get into my system again.

Also, my oldest son is driving me close to the edge of lunacy with his lack of interest in anything other than sitting at his computer playing games and sleeping the rest of the time. Why must everything be such a ridiculous, stupid-ass chore to get him to function? Pete and I are going to end up more like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass (Yes, the latter one is me) at the rate we're going with him. So, once again, I'm open for suggestions people.

And before anyone writes suggesting that I not give him anymore monetary help, I do not give him money, gas for his car or anything other than a place to live and food to eat. Just the basics.

As if all that isn't enough, my step mother calls this morning asking me to look online for Doctors for my Father who fell down and hurt himself. In checking him out, the ER Doctor discovered he had a hernia. I didn't ask how he fell down. The last time I asked, he had been roller skating and broke his arm.

Another time he had hurt himself parachuting from an airplane. Still yet another time, he hurt himself going down some steps after being thrown out of Six Flags for spitting on a guy foolish enough to walk under the ride my Father was on. Now I'm worried about my Father as well as being concerned that he'll fall out/off something or just blow himself up at some point. Geeez, parents. You can't take them anywhere.

Despite it being the year 2005, my Father and step mother still don't have a computer or an internet connection which I still find particularly bizarre in this day and age.

Still, her asking me to look online for Doctors in their area acknowledges that she sees a use for both which is a step in the right direction. I have tried to point out how a computer system would help them with the store but to no avail. I'm hoping that will change soon and they will break down and get moved into the 21st century with the rest of us. Well, most of us anyway.

So now you all know why I haven't been at my post of late. Have pity and send a nice card or note. In the absence of a card, cash will do rather nicely.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ordering Pizza in 2008

I think this was meant to be funny but it's becoming closer to the truth everyday. Something to think about for sure.

Operator: Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your national ID number?

Customer: Hi, I'd like to place an order.

Operator: I must have your NIDN first, sir.

Customer: My National ID Number, yeah, hold on, eh, it's 6102049998-45-54610.

Operator: Thank you Mr. Sheehan. I see you live at 1742 Meadowland Drive, and the phone number is 494-2366. Your office number over at Lincoln Insurance is 745-2302 and your cell number is 266-2566. Email address is Which number are you calling from sir?

Customer: Huh? I'm at home. Where'd you get all this information?

Operator: We're wired into the HSS, sir.

Customer: The HSS, what is that?

Operator: We're wired into the Homeland Security System, sir. This will add only 15 seconds to your ordering time.

Customer: (sighs) Oh well, I'd like to order a couple of your All-Meat Special pizzas.

Operator: I don't think that's a good idea, sir.

Customer: Whadaya mean?

Operator: Sir, your medical records and commode sensors indicate that you've got very high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol. Your National Health Care provider won't allow such an unhealthy choice.

What?! What do you recommend, then?

Operator: You might try our low-fat Soybean Pizza. I'm sure you'll like it.

Customer: What makes you think I'd like something like that?

Operator: Well, you checked out "Gourmet Soybean Recipes" from your local library last week, sir. That's why I made the suggestion.

Customer: All right, all right. Give me two family-sized one's, then.

Operator: That should be plenty for you, your wife and your four kids. Your 2 dogs can finish the crusts, sir. Your total is $49.99.

Customer: Lemme give you my credit card number. Operator: I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid you'll have to pay in cash. Your credit card balance is over its limit.

Customer: I'll run over to the ATM and get some cash before your driver gets here.

Operator: That won't work either, sir. Your checking account is overdrawn also.

Customer: Never mind! Just send the pizzas. I'll have the cash ready. How long will it take?

Operator: We're running a little behind, sir. It'll be about 45 minutes, sir. If you're in a hurry you might want to pick'em up while you're out getting the cash, but then, carrying pizzas on a motorcycle can be a little awkward.

Customer: Wait! How do you know I ride a scooter?

Operator: It says here you're in arrears on your car payments, so your car got repo'ed. But your Harley's paid for and you just filled the tank yesterday.

Customer: Well, I'll be a son of a bitch!

Operator: I'd advise watching your language, sir. You've already got a July 4, 2003, conviction for cussing out a cop and another one I see here in September for contempt at your hearing for cussing at a judge. Oh yes, I see here that you just got out from a 90 day stay in the State Correctional Facility. Is this your first pizza since your return to society?

Customer: (speechless)

Operator: Will there be anything else, sir?

Customer: Yes, I have a coupon for a free 2 liter of Coke.

Operator: I'm sorry sir, but our ad's exclusionary clause prevents us from offering free soda to diabetics. The New Constitution prohibits this. Thank you for calling Pizza Hut.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nepal's government dissolves

Quoted from, Nepal's king Gyanendra announced he is taking control of the country. I have decided to dissolve the government because it has failed to make necessary arrangements to hold elections by April and protect democracy, the sovereignty of the people and life and property, he said. Read the full story.

This marks the second time in three years the king has dissolved parliament and named a new chamber of his choice. "A new Cabinet will be formed under my leadership," the king said earlier today. "This will restore peace and effective democracy in this country within the next three years." King Gyanendra, who acquired the crown after the royal family was slaughtered in 2001, has sacked parliament members twice, and fired his Prime minister four times.

This past June, the King fired Prime Minister Deuba, who was accused of being unable to stop the Maoists. However, he was recalled to his post with the priority command of setting general elections. Deuba found himself in a difficult situation. The King urged him to hold elections right away, while other parties were dubious or clearly against them. The main reason to delay the poll was the Maoist guerrilla threat, whose leaders announced they would cover the country in blood if elections were announced, according to sources.

Take the time to read the rest of the article on This entire area has suffered for a long time. I can only hope that they will reach a peaceful solution soon for the sake of their people.