Saturday, January 17, 2009

Perfect Creature

As usual I'm running behind on a great film of 2006. I finally watched the movie, Perfect Creature today. It stars Dougray Scott as Brother Silus a leader of the vampire brotherhood and Saffron Burrows as a policewoman named Lilly Squires, both are called to a murder scene with other officers and end up in the middle of a fight within the vampire brotherhood.

Filmed in New Zealand, one of my favorite places on earth with its natural beauty and diverse landscapes made it a great atmospheric movie. It looks as if parts of it were set in Victorian times yet has modern touches as well.

It has that Tim Burtonish bluish overcast as well that lends an air of cold and damp to the movie.

All in all, it was a good movie. They left the ending wide open for a sequel which I do hope to hear of at some point.

As most of us know sometimes a movie will come out at the wrong time or will get lost behind some over cluttered, boring movie loaded with over paid Hollywood suck ups with the money and clout of major studio backing.

Situations such as that make for many a great film being lost and it is really sad considering some of the films Pete and I have discovered just roaming through stacks of movies in various stores and online shops.

So, if you have a hankering to see a fun, not over the top movie about vampires and we mere humans, check out 'Perfect Creature'. I think you'll enjoy it.


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