Monday, February 28, 2005

What's goin' on

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. I have been away from my desk and in turn away from my blog writing for awhile now. Have you guys missed me? Wait, don't answer that. After such a long absence, I thought I would catch up a bit on things 'round here.

My health has been reasonably good other than stress. I need a good cure for stress. Suggestions are most welcome! Normally acting like a complete idiot usually does the trick and it really isn't that difficult for me to do since I am that way most of the time anyway. Too many years of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live.

Nothing much has gone on other than the normal everyday life stuff. Kinda boring actually. Maybe I should go out and run over my own foot with the car to bring some excitement into my life. Again, suggestions are most welcome. And before any wisenheimer says it, I meant excitement not new and improved ideas for running over my own foot.

I watched the Oscars last night and it was great to see Morgan Freeman win best supporting actor. I've always loved his work. He seems to choose characters that he fits easily into. Congratulations to Mr. Freeman. Like others I was rather surprised that some movies weren't listed.

Special FX for Chronicles of Riddick should have been one. I'm not sure how they rate Fx and all for movies. It would be interesting I'm sure. I still think that at least part of it is who you know and who you are friends with. If that is the case, I doubt I would ever receive one since I never fit into anyone else's neat little mold.

In light of my growing concern for peace in the world, I am uploading a flag that I created. As time goes by I may edit this and add to it. We'll see. Help keep peace in the meantime.

Kate's peace flag


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