Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ahhh what fun.

As I'm sure everyone has noticed I haven't been on much of late. I thought I might give some explanation of what has been going on that kept me away. I just know you all are holding on to the edge of your seats waiting to find out.

First off, Pete and I both caught horrid colds complete with bad sore throats, sneezing, etc. Yes, Sam, Ella and the germ family were back again with even more luggage. I think they may have brought a few cousins along this time too.

I'm thinking of making it mandatory that we all eat a Lysol based soup with dinner at the rate we get colds. What? You're thinking this isn't a good idea? Ok fine - I won't then. We can all just end up with ebola or some other Ola and crash and bleed out all over the carpet. I still want to move to Vancouver so I can hopefully freeze the germs before the nasty little buggers get into my system again.

Also, my oldest son is driving me close to the edge of lunacy with his lack of interest in anything other than sitting at his computer playing games and sleeping the rest of the time. Why must everything be such a ridiculous, stupid-ass chore to get him to function? Pete and I are going to end up more like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass (Yes, the latter one is me) at the rate we're going with him. So, once again, I'm open for suggestions people.

And before anyone writes suggesting that I not give him anymore monetary help, I do not give him money, gas for his car or anything other than a place to live and food to eat. Just the basics.

As if all that isn't enough, my step mother calls this morning asking me to look online for Doctors for my Father who fell down and hurt himself. In checking him out, the ER Doctor discovered he had a hernia. I didn't ask how he fell down. The last time I asked, he had been roller skating and broke his arm.

Another time he had hurt himself parachuting from an airplane. Still yet another time, he hurt himself going down some steps after being thrown out of Six Flags for spitting on a guy foolish enough to walk under the ride my Father was on. Now I'm worried about my Father as well as being concerned that he'll fall out/off something or just blow himself up at some point. Geeez, parents. You can't take them anywhere.

Despite it being the year 2005, my Father and step mother still don't have a computer or an internet connection which I still find particularly bizarre in this day and age.

Still, her asking me to look online for Doctors in their area acknowledges that she sees a use for both which is a step in the right direction. I have tried to point out how a computer system would help them with the store but to no avail. I'm hoping that will change soon and they will break down and get moved into the 21st century with the rest of us. Well, most of us anyway.

So now you all know why I haven't been at my post of late. Have pity and send a nice card or note. In the absence of a card, cash will do rather nicely.


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