Saturday, February 11, 2006

Deek Deekster Mauled by Cockabindi for second time!

Yes folks you read it here first. Deek Deekster has again been mauled by an irate Cockabindi. This attack comes weeks after another similar attack.

When asked what happened this time Deek is quoted as saying, "The bird looked stupid and I told it so. I didn't realize the Cockabindi simply couldn't take hearing the truth."

After the last mauling our readers might think that Deek had learnt his lesson but this is not the case.

Here are a few tips when dealing with Cockabindi:

1. Never insult them.
2. Don't mention their toenails.
3. Don't comment on their plumage.
4. And never speak of broccoli.

Those tips won't save you in a real pinch but they might help in lesser cases.

Best of luck Deek for a speedy recover and keep away from those Cockabindis.


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