Monday, January 24, 2005

Funny Business.

I was clearing off my desk yesterday and came across a letter I received from Allstate. As far as service goes for car insurance, I guess they do a good job but the cost is astronomical - $263.00 every month for three cars. Considering that we don't have problems, I think that is a ridiculously high price.

If anyone in the Dallas, Texas area reads this and knows of a better less expensive car insurance, please let me know. Now, getting back to the main topic of the letter.

It was a birthday greeting from my Allstate agent. I suppose this was sent in a friendly way but I was thinking that maybe he could drop my rates by 100 a month or so. That would be a much better greeting as far as I'm concerned. ..."Hey Kate Happy birthday! I'm giving you two months free car insurance!"... Now there's a greeting! His letter gave me the same feeling that a letter from my Staples Business Rewards card did.

Staples sends out checks if you buy so much per year. Great. Fab. Only when I got mine the dollar amount was $0.00. They actually spent the money to print me a coupon and mail it to me with that amount on it. I thought about taking it and depositing it at the bank. Wouldn't that give the girls at the bank something to wonder about?

I don't know what all this means in current business terms but to me it just means waste. I think my college business classes must have taught me to be more conservative with company capital.


  • Hmmm...Allstate is just about the cheapest I've ever found! Tell ya what, call Geico, get a quote, and THEN see what you think about Allstate! ;o)

    You might want to try Progressive. They've been inexpensive in the past...but to tell the truth, I switched FROM Progressive TO Allstate because the rates were cheaper. LOL

    By Blogger Meg, at 1:25 PM  

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