Monday, January 10, 2005

Rednecks and fun stuff like that.

Here is a reprint from a post I did on my husband Pete's blog, Augmented Reality. With some changes made and a few bits added.

After posting the following as a comment to Pete's "Pseudoscience and trash" post,

"Are you sure it was only 26%? LOL... Just kidding dear. I refuse to call you Bubba and If yer gonna start leavin' damn junky cars all over the yard, make sure you don't block the view of the garbage dump gates. You know how Gramma likes to sit on Sunday and watch the cars goin' in. It's a family avent. You know this.

LOL... Just helping with your redneck image honey."

I felt compelled to go take the white trash test myself. I answered honestly and the following is the result.

I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

I guess this means that I can't get those fake "Bubba-never-visited-the-dentist" teeth now. Dammit I was really looking forward to perfecting a good hick accent and getting some clothes to go with the teeth. I want to make videos. Hick videos.

Now the video part is Deek's fault entirely. He's had me all wound up about funny videos since I saw all his on the punk omelette site. If you visit the omelette, click on "video", then "punk omelette" Then just below the photo of Enrique click on "Depressed? Alleviate" then choose the movie you want to see. They are all funny.

I will make my hick videos with my husband's help. We have to work on his accent though. It's tricky getting him to sound like a real hick but he's getting better at it every year.

It seems odd that my English husband is a redneck. Ohhh I can see it coming, that one's gonna get me into loads of trouble. But people that know me know that trouble is my middle name.

Instead of Bubba, could I call Pete "Beaufort" or maybe "Beauregard"? Something like that? This just keeps gettin' worse. I hope he doesn't retaliate for all the teasing by peeing in my morning tea or anything like that. I'll stop before I do myself in. Or before he does.


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