Sunday, January 09, 2005

Last week, this week & Kelly Ripa is an elf.

Today is Sunday and I should be sleeping except that I've been surfing blogs on BE. There are so many funny, intelligent people out there. Most of the time it's a lot o fun to surf. There are as I'm sure you all know, exceptions though. Of the blogs I've visited, some of these are ok, some are good and some are just fabulous. I've found some that are my favorites and I'll add a link soon so you guys can visit the ones that sound interesting to you.

I am hoping that this coming week will be better than last week since basically nothing went very well and I was still sick after two weeks. It would suffice to say that last week sucked the big kahoona. If there are any magical people out there reading this, light a candle, do a dance, eat a twig/weed whatever- to send me good vibes. I need them people. My health sucks. Finances suck.

One blog I really liked had several posts mentioning Kelly Ripa. This is a person that for some unknown reason gets on my nerves whenever I so much as see a picture of her. She's like some odd slightly off-center elvish type person with a plastic face and she smiles constantly. And the smile doesn't even look real. Maybe that's what bugs me so much about her. The insincere smile. Ick. Is she one of the Wishmaster's evil elves? Maybe. Stepford Wife? I think it's highly possible but you decide.

There are so many really great actresses out there I guess I tend to over look people like Kelly Ripa. I really hope producers don't all suddenly want her in movies. As much as I adore films I would have to curb what I saw if it were to include her. I can see the movie headlines now, And now The Matrix like you've never seen it! Staring, KELLY RIPA and REGIS as Neo and Trinity!

I'll probably have a nightmare about that now. Neo/Regis with a hair helmet and Trinity/Kelly with her plastic smile. *shiver* I can see them doing the fighting wire stuff too, Regis' hair plastered neatly to his head and Kelly still smiling while they kick the shit out of the bad guys. And the bad guys are, Ohh let's see, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman for starters. Then the entire nightmare gets much, much worse when Jerry Springer dressed in agent clothes appears on screen.

With all that in mind, maybe I'll just stay awake.


  • Confession time, years ago (many years), I watched All My Children. I remember Kelly Rippa first appearing on it. She played a black haired punk rock teenager from hell. Never quite worked, she did it in such a perky way. Ack.

    By Blogger Grins, at 9:18 AM  

  • Kelly Ripa is a bit turbo-perky. I bet she's a real crank at home.

    By Blogger Pigs, at 11:34 AM  

  • Yes, Kelly Ripa is the bride of Satan, but really, Regis is the demonic force. He is the reason God invented the mute button.

    By Blogger Karen, at 9:26 PM  

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