Monday, January 10, 2005

Moldy ramblings from the garbled one.

Ok it's time for something normal. Or in my case, as normal as it's likely to get. This may not be an actual post - more like the conglomerated garblings of a woman on the edge. And no it isn't Kelly Ripa that has driven me to the edge I just tend to teeter there most of the time whether I want to be there or not. I'm sure you are thinking "get on with it oh Garbled One". So off we go.

After reading many blogs, I see that as always I've missed the boat on many of the more modern sayings of the day. I was hoping that maybe some of you could leave me notes on the comment area on words and phrases of the day. And before you guys say it, none of that, "I got a phrase for ya sister..." Let's be nice.

I feel out of date. I feel like the carton of milk that's stuck to the back of the fridge now all green and moldy. That's me alright. Say... be careful moving me around in there dammit. That's my spot! Yea, yea, that's it... there by the German mustard. In a squeaky voice the mustard says, "Hallo Liebling..."

Ok, maybe it was Kelly Ripa that set me off. She does irritate me. But it could also have been the lack of fruit. Fruit! I must have fruit! Oh hell who am I kidding. I'm frustrated. A frustrated writer with only one sock on and a turnip brain that isn't currently functioning. Dammit I knew I needed to move.

I think if I stay here much longer, I'll end up this loony running around in strange clothes with wild hair and only one sock. Good lord! That's me! I've gone over the edge. There's only one thing left to do. Get a glass of orange juice and watch a movie.

I'm waiting for that list people.


  • you are mustard, you know that, don't you?

    By Blogger Deek Deekster, at 12:18 PM  

  • Whenever I try and say something in the current venacular, I just end up sounding like an old fart. Now I don't even bother trying, unless its something clever. Sorry I couldn't help. :-)

    By Blogger Terry, at 7:53 PM  

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