Monday, January 10, 2005

Gevalia coffee treats customers crappy.

This is the story of a consumer who wanted to try some coffee. Well teas and coffee. Specifically Gevalia. Listed here you will find a copy of a letter I sent to several of their business offices after I spoke with this incredible asshole in customer service.

This post is a "Buyer beware" post. If you haven't tried their lame-ass service, don't bother. If you like being cheated and then having some loser speak to you like you just don't matter and what you are asking is simply beyond imagination then by all means have a go right ahead and try them.

As for me? From now on I'll stick to the cheap stuff from the supermarket thanks. At least the checkers at the store are polite and know how the treat their customers. And if you think I am just being petty, I disagree. I am a principle person. It is within those boundaries that I make this post. If they want to be specific, they should print their stipulations for all to see.

To whom it may concern:

I ordered FOUR boxes of tea specifically to get the 2-cup teapot free. After not receiving it I called customer service only to be told the teapot wouldn't be sent since the offer was for CATALOG ORDERS ONLY. There was NOTHING printed anywhere near the offer in the catalog stating that you had to make a catalog order to get that offer. I thought it was just as easy to order the extra stuff I wanted via my monthly order form. On the form there was actually an area that asked the customer to "Add Catalog Items Here".

The supervisor I spoke to was rude and nasty and acted more like I had asked for a solid gold cup rather than the 2-cup ceramic teapot that was the issue. I will never do business with you people again after being spoken to in this manner and I will tell everyone I know how (via the internet and my website and blog) your staff acted and talked to me as well as how you cheated a customer rather than send the tea pot and settle the matter in a simple and decent way. I want my account cancelled immediately.

Kate Ford

Well there you have it. My note to their company. I hope someone notices all the nasty negative publicity. Maybe that will give them a taste of how they made me feel. And hey, I'm old school, the customer is always right. Because, as we all know, if you have no customers, pretty soon you have no business.


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