Monday, April 18, 2005

Goalie returns and the fish slapping dance.

I am amazed to see that Goalie is back with us. Even wild-eyed from behind tall stacks of government paperwork. It's still nice to have you back. Definitely better than a sharp stick in the eye.

When work drives you to the knife-edge brink of insanity, just remember what Eric Idle's song says, "always look on the bright side of life". If I had one of those modern, smokin' fast internet connections I would download a wav file of that song and post it here for all you readers. However, I am still on the string and tin can connection which is better than nothing.

If that song doesn't help then think of my favorite, the Monty Python fish slapping dance. If that doesn't make you laugh and feel better, nothing will. Frankly I think you should master that dance and then right in the middle of the office, stand up and do the fish slapping dance - with or without the fish - like you have a full orchestra behind you.

Personally I might actually get a nice fish to bring with me and explain that the smell is just your new deodorant. Then when the time is right, viola! Dance your cares away. If it doesn't help with the stress of a government paperwork job, at least it would relieve your own pent up anxieties.

I hope this helps your transition back into real life. Oh and by the way, I forgive your lengthy absence as well as the fact that you work for the government.


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