Saturday, April 16, 2005

Little things matter.

I am so thrilled that you guys are helping me get an ipod. I want to say that if anyone would like me to create a custom graphic or banner, I am quite talented at either and would be happy to do this for nothing. This is just my way of saying thank you all for being so sweet and thoughtful!

This is nice and makes me feel better since now with finances, etc, our lawyer now wants another $5000.00 or we will lose the house. That stinks but there seems to be little we can do about it. I'm sorry we ever bought this house now. It's been nothing but trouble and money. I don't talk about this stuff much other than to make a joke now and then. It's my way of dealing with it all I suppose and it helps me not be so depressed.

Knowing that there are actually some really nice, considerate people out there is a very good thing. I think if we create a group of people - all of us on earth to help each other and stick by each other, maybe things wouldn't get like they do. As bad as things are for us right now, I know beyond a doubt that there are others much worse off than us. I really wish I could help them too. Even a little.

I see things have turned into a dog eat dog world with wallets and profit margins the number one objective. It's so sad since people - all of us are the best commodity to have faith in. Little things matter, sometimes more than anyone could ever know.

If anyone would like a graphic or banner, just send me an email letting me know what you would like on it - style, colors, content etc and so I have your return email addy. You can email me at or the other addy listed for this site. Thanks again for being so kind.


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