Saturday, April 16, 2005

What's happening.

Many of you that have visited my site may be wondering why I added a PayPal button. It's simple really. After looking for work for the past two years, I still haven't found a job. I had over 370 job applications on file in my jobs folder. Monster, Career Builder, any of the sites available to look for the type work I do. And this is after dropping my pay scale as low as possible or leaving it open too. I have also looked for more meager employment such as cashier or something along those lines but to no avail.

My age and health are great factors as well. I am diabetic and have high blood pressure as well. With all the finance problems that have steadily developed my health has grown progressively worse due to the constant stress. Still I refuse to give up. I will keep looking and try not to get too down about it since that doesn't really help.

My husband is working but was laid off a job that paid a great deal more. Since we started out with basically nothing, we had to get things new and used sometimes too. I don't mind that - I'm not terribly picky myself and certainly don't mind clean, decent used appliances etc. However it is very hard to lose 45% of your income after being laid off. The bills are all the same but you have less to pay them with.

Shortly afterward, I lost my job as well. It was a tough blow since I have two sons that were still in high school at the time. My youngest just graduated this past September (04). Although my oldest son is very intelligent and wants to go to college very badly, they still count my husbands salary so my son isn't eligible for either grants or financial aid. It's just ridiculous considering what is spent on other things in this country.

Simply put it has been one thing after another to the point that I am so disgusted and disillusioned that I can't see straight. I've lost faith in this system and country. We try and try and just keep getting kicked down more. I wish we could move away from here but we seem to be stuck.

I decided to put up a PayPal button in case someone that might have been very fortunate in life might care to share. Anyone wishing to share that would care to talk more to me about any of this, I would be most happy to do so. You are welcome to email me at I will also create custom graphics and/or banners for you if you like. That is a small thing to do for someone that helps me and my family.


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