Friday, April 15, 2005

A little closer!

I am very happy to say that one fabulous person has completed an offer that has made me one step closer to getting a freebie ipod! Hoooray! That is so sweet of you all to help! Now I just need four more people to sign up for one of the offers and I'm set!

It may sound silly but it boosts my faith in people to know that someone is nice enough to do something that will benefit someone other than themselves. Believe me, in light of our serious (and getting worse by the day) financial problemsthat keeps me feeling pretty down most of the time, a little kindness is a very great thing.

If anyone has any lucky lottery numbers, please send them to me. If I know your email and name, I will definitely share if I win a nice fat lotto pot. And I know you guys are probably thinkin', "yeaaah sure you will" but I would. I am not a stingy person at all. People that know me would tell you that.

Back to the main reason for this post. Thanks again to the kind person that signed up for an offer. I'm four away from an ipod.


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