Monday, January 03, 2005

Our Cash Makes A Splash

This BBC article is about how the fundraising for the Tsunami Relief has been led by public opinion - THAT'S US FOLKS !!

The UK government, for one, initially offered £15 million ($29m) but upped this to £50 million ($96m) within a couple of days. It was only just keeping ahead of private donations to aid agencies.

The United States proposed $35 million immediately but this was criticised by, among others, Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, who said he "went through the roof when I heard them bragging about $35m. We spend $35m before breakfast in Iraq."

Soon afterwards, it was announced that the Secretary of State Colin Powell would visit the region. And now the White House has upped its offer ten-fold, increasing to $350m the amount to be made available for relief and reconstruction efforts.

No apology for the pun in the title. It's called, Gallows Humour.


  • They are getting aid. So what the hell is the problem ?

    I'm getting real sick of feeling like fucking shit because of shit I have NO CONTROL OVER. I write on MY BLOG TO RELEIVE STRESS. NOT add to it.

    Thanks, Kate

    By Blogger Kate Ford, at 7:43 AM  

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