Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Gamers beware!

Another Christmas come and gone and as with every Christmas, I enjoy making my family happy with gifts. Their enjoyment of what I give them is important to me and has a direct bearing on which gifts I give them in the future. It is with certainty that I say that I'll never buy another game that remotely has anything to do with Valve or the Steam system.

For that reason, I would like to mention one of the games I got Pete. Half Life 2. I was hoping that he would have fun with it but the aggravation of the installation from paranoia of the makers of the game is just beyond belief. Read Pete's "Steamed" post on Augmented Reality to get the whole scoop.

Game junkies have to stick together to stop the over-paranoia of the gaming industry. We all understand the need for proper security but if you are going to say that a game will play in offline mode then it should do so without a ridiculous amount of time spent allowing the Valve/Steam system to invade the buyer's system.

Yes folks, I did say "buyer". We actually do buy the games we play. No hacked software here folks. Pete is a programmer and both of us have ethics in regard to software theft. However, there is a limit. That limit was reached with the fiasco of just trying to get HL2 to install properly and play in offline mode without downloading other unwanted games/applications.

Often in our house, I'll end up buying three or four copies of a single game so that we all have a copy to play. But that won't happen here people. All we want the game junkies to know is to beware of the Steam system. Maybe it would be easier to buy copies of Doom 3. It loads reasonably fast and is great fun.

And for the Valve/Steam people these posts as well as store returns prove once again that the pen is mightier than the sword.


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