Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Birthday to my blog

Happy birthday to bloggy, happy birthday to bloggy! Happy birthday dear bloggyyyy... happy birthday to you!

My, my (...wiping a tear away...) they grow up so fast don't they?

I am happy to say that my blog has turned one year old this week. It certainly doesn't seem that long ago that I began blogging at Deek's suggestion. Why it seems like only yesterday Deek was pestering me to get busy with blogging. Oh wait...that was only yesterday. Anyway, I must say that this has been very enjoyable even though lately I haven't been updating as often as I normally do.

I could make up something really cool and interesting sounding like, Ohhh let's see... I was walking to the store and this space ship swooped down out of nowhere and three little aliens came out and ran after me trying to suck my brain out with a turkey baster. They chased me into the store and finally caught up with me at the fresh vegetable stand. There was a great sale on squash, mushrooms and avocados.

It was the sale that slowed me down. When I realized the aliens were near I began pelting them with small root vegetables and bottles of blue cheese salad dressing. I find turnips and parsnips work rather nicely on these occasions and blue cheese goes with pretty much everything.

Anyway after a brief few moments the isles were littered with enough vegetables to stock a small country and the aliens were doing the blue cheese shuffle slipping their way past the screaming hordes of customers and running for the hills. Or as in this case, running for their can-shaped space craft. They all beat a hasty retreat back where they had come from.

There. Wasn't that loads more fun than hearing about my ill-tempered kidney and it's attitude problem? Yes of course it is. Now behave before I pelt you with parsnips, mushy fruit and salad dressing.

Oh and that bit above about Deek pestering me yesterday was a blatant lie. It was a gross infraction of the truth. It was in no way correct or even close to semi-true. It was a tacky big fat honking lie. So there. Deek was good. Mostly.


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