Friday, July 01, 2005

Summertime once again

While the calendar may still be saying spring the temperature gauges outside are now registering close to and on several days already over 100 degrees here in Richardson. I think that is about 41c for the rest of the metric world. One day maybe America will try and catch up. Here in Texas we'll bake while we wait thanks.

Anyway, my point is why are we still living here in these hot house temperatures? I feel like an oven baked chicken when I go outside longer than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Forget mowing grass and all that, I refuse to do that kinda thing until 7 or 8 pm when it's cool enough to breath. I am now going to check the temperature in the Seattle Washington area for comparison.

Check out the differences yourself. Here in Texas we are a mile from the sun. Seattle is a bit further to the north.

Seattle, Washington

Richardson, Texas

Frankly I'm still hoping for a miracle so we can move up there. Keep your fingers crossed everybody! It's too hot for me in Texas. Happy Solstice everyone!


  • Seattle huh?

    I lived there 32 yrs and just moved down here to DFW area 2 yrs ago..

    Make sure the move is worth it as the house and cost of living prices are through the roof...

    Anyways, it's a nice area non the less...
    Ever been there during winter?
    Be prepared... hehehe

    By Blogger tazdog, at 12:29 PM  

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