Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kidney beans

As I sit here cleaning the mold off my blog page, I wonder what sort of thing to post. Should I post on being ill? Maybe post on what it's like to have a stint in your kidney? Well let me tell you, it sucks. I think Doctors created stints for the sole purpose of tormenting already sore patients. I can think of a few very interesting things to do with those stints after having had one. They say you aren't suppose to feel it and that it will "help the pain".

Yes, oh sure, it helped it alright. It helped it get worse. Ugh! Had it not been for the possible permanent damage to my kidney without it, I would never have agreed to have one. At least the Doctor told me I needed one and since he knows more than I do, I took his word for it.

Now, I have a thing or two to say about nurses too. Most of them are pretty good. Especially the ones that took care of me since I am a horrid patient in the first place. One who is evil incarnate when I am in pain. So all in all, I had good nurses. There was one nurse however that spoke really fast when she talked to me - now I don't know if any of you have ever experienced this but when you are basically doped up on morphine and someone is talking that fast to you, things kind of go by in a blur. As was the case with me.

She (out of courtesy I will leave her name off in case she happened across this blog) would bustle into my room with all her nursley equipment and say something like this... "Hi Mary.. Herewrjg fglala adfkgnadfl ajjj herrrogg aalfl". At least that is how it sounded to me. She was nice enough and professional considering she had to put up with me in the first place but I could figure out anything past the hello bit. For the most part I just nodded and waved weakly.

The Doctor that I saw is actually a very good Urologist. At least according to all the magazine covers, diplomas, awards etc that are all over his office walls. But I think you can tell when some of these people are just a tad bit full of themselves. It may have gotten back to him via a nurse that I had suggested bringing them a grease gun so his head would more easily fit through the office door. Geez I was kidding.

Anyway, he came into my room and said that he thought I had insinuated that they wern't doing everything they could to help me not hurt. What?? that's news to me. For the most part they kept me reasonably pain free.

It makes you feel very strange when someone suggests something like that when you are already in pain and not feeling all that hot. Needless to say I told him that certainly wasn't the case and that I had said no such thing.

Honestly, sometimes these medical people just need to learn when to give moral support to patients rather than bother them with crap like that.

I am from now on going to make a signed peace treaty with my kidneys. They'll have to behave themselves if they expect to get treats otherwise it's a no go.


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