Monday, April 25, 2005

Mental people? Sure we are!

I wanted to address a couple of things that I've gotten comments on.

First, the "Am I mental?" thing was posted by Deek and yes he is in fact mental. We all still love Deeky weeky but he's a complete nutter. So as to the inquiring minds that want to know, there is your answer.

If you are asking if I the blog owner/writer is mental, then I would have to say yes. I am in fact mental and am a complete nutter. I hope this clears up any and all misunderstandings about who the fruitloops are in this box.

As for the comment I received in regard to Malcolm X, I admired his book very much as well but I found his realizations of what other people will lie about - in regard to the Nation of Islam - sad since it obviously caused him great pain. But at the same time if helped him become who he was. I think it strengthened his own beliefs as well. At the very least it showed him how not to behave.

As for the nice people that signed up for the ipod offer, thanks a million! You guys are great! The offer still stands for me to create a nice graphic or banner for anyone that signed up. Just send me a note and I'll be happy to do it for you. I do very good work too. It's just my way of saying thanks for signing up.

If anyone out there has a good site or information about living (i.e. costs of living, which areas are far too expensive, which are cool -I'm not really a suburb type person - and nice but reasonable, utilities, groceries etc)in the Seattle, Washington area, please feel free to email me I could use the input for that area.

In fact, if anyone has any profound realizations on life, love or anything fun, feel free to email me for that too.

This moves to another thing to ask about. If anyone is interested in fairies let me know. I find the subject fascinating and the artwork I've seen for most of them is just gorgeous!


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