Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Designer chicken

I was thinking about chicken the other day and was wondering with all the growth hormone stuff going on today why can't they just genetically engineer a totally boneless chicken?

How convenient for consumers not to have to debone anything. It would look strange though wouldn't it. A blob-like pile of chicken. Kinda puts you off nuggets doesn't it?

In a fast-food chicken ad I saw they had an ad for "Naked chicken". I could see a couple of blushing chickens standing there with one of them saying, "For god's sake Gladys, cover yourself"! What exactly does that mean "Naked" chicken? Skinless?

Are Americans so bored that they continually have to have cool new phrases in order to make life at the nearest fast food joint more interesting? Say it isn't so!

Why not write a description something like, "Try our new chicken in a silk chiffon robe! Or maybe designers like Versace or Jimmy Choo could create chicken. How about a Prada dish? Chicken Armani anyone? Wow cool! Designer chicken!

Come on people, let's all force the fast food joints to either use the normal descriptions that we all know or really spice things up with top designer names in chicken.

I think this is the start of something good for designers as well as for the chicken industry.


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