Sunday, March 13, 2005

Posts? Posts? We don't NEED no stinking posts!

If you are wondering where I've been, I'll tell you. I've been on a trip around the world. I've traveled so much, my butt is now the shape of an airline seat. That's not true. It's all a big fat lie. A gross infraction of the truth. A serious distortion of the facts. Ok, this time I'll be serious and tell you why I haven't posted lately.

I was on my way to my desk when this really bright light came through the windows and all the sudden the roof of the house was sucked off to the land of Oz. Then these guys that all looked like large bald gerbils wearing silver lamé suits with stilletos came in and stuck a turkey baster into my brain and sucked out my memories. Ok, fine. That is a lie too.

Actually, I haven't been feeling well and on top of that, I've been taking care of my ball python Sierra who has pneumonia. I'm really worried about her so I spend quite a lot of time taking care of her. I have to give her oral antibiotics which is no easy task with a snake as well as take her to the Vet every three days for antibiotic injections. I can only hope that she recovers. She is trying to shed as well so she isn't in that great of a mood.

Normally she is inquisitive about everything and likes when I take her out of her tank. I hope that having to force medicine into her mouth doesn't make her distrust me -- I couldn't stand that. I just want her to get well. She's very gentle and never tries to bite even with all the medical stuff right now. She is a wonderful little snake.


  • My husband had a 6 foot ball python, he got sick though. I hope your's gets better. Thanks for stopping by my blog! and I am changing providers first thing tomorrow! :)

    By Blogger Charlotte, at 9:58 PM  

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