Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cat Operas

I have developed what I like to refer to as "Cat Operas". A few days ago, Ginger the cat came wandering into the bedroom like he normally does to have a rest in his comfy hammock. I normally talk to him - Yes, yesss I talk to the cat - with the standard cuddly cat-type comments. I can do a fair imitation of a cat meowing so I usually meow at him so he can feel that we are at least making an effort to learn cat language.

This time I was sitting at my desk writing. When I started meowing at Ginger it just sort of turned into the tune of the Blue Danube so I continued. The cat really seemed interested in my cat song and came over rubbing around my feet. Normally the only time he rubs around my feet is when he plans on biting one of them. This is frequent. This time though, he just loved on my leg. That is until I changed tunes to the Barber of Seville. Now that one he didn't like. He laid down on his hammock and went to sleep.

I think I may be on to something with my cat operas. I want to record a few numbers and sell them for big bucks. Of course the cat will have to get his share since he is the one being entertained and I think his meowing is ©. I can see my cd cover being added to the page of the worst album covers of all times someday with people saying, "look at this -- some imbecile made cd's meowing operas and look how stupid it looks!"

But at least it would make the cat happy. Or maybe he was just humoring me. It's possible I suppose. He has that kind of attitude. He's the sort of cat that will lay there relaxed until you get within easy attack/bite distance then he grabs for your foot or leg. Sometimes both. But Pete is more often the recipient of the double grab move. Those moves could be his way of getting even with us for all the stupid things we've done to entertain him over the last seven years.


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