Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More on Boycotting Petco

The Petco boycott link listed gives details on the following information. Information listed here is the work of the webpage owner and not myself. I am posting this due to the seriousness of the problems associated with the poor care of Petco animals.

When you look at the link listed you will see that it is dated in September 2003. I have personally seen infested animals in Petco stores in 2004 and 2005 so it is still going on now and more than in just California, here in Texas too.

Boycott Petco

If you have a Petco in your area, please look carefully at the little animals, furry ones as well as the reptiles in their store. Most parasites are easy to see especially if the animals are infested as badly as the ones I've seen are.

The following is taken from the webpage that I linked. Please click on the "Boycott Petco" link above to read more of the details. This is very serious in regard to the health and welfare of innocent animals. Please help.

The PETCO Boycott

PETCO's Partners


Pet Store Laws
Find the laws for your state

by State

PETA Files Shareholder Resolution Asking PETCO to End Animal Sales
September 3, 2003

PETA is asking PETCO's board of directors to issue a report reviewing all operational costs and liabilities associated with the sale of animals in order to determine the viability of a policy to end such sales.

Read more here

What is a boycott?

A boycott is a form of protest whereby people abstain from buying or using the goods or services of a particular company or organization in order to cause a change. During a boycott, those who are protesting refuse to purchase or use anything from the company being boycotted.

Who is boycotting?

A group consisting of individual animal lovers and representatives from different animal welfare organizations has begun a campaign to stop the sale of live animals at PETCO stores across the United States. Members of the "PetNo" group are involved in letter-writing, petitioning, distributing flyers, protesting, and investigating and reporting their findings through a "neighborhood watch" of local PETCO stores.

Why boycott?

Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. Is the second largest chain of pet superstores in the United States. While Petco does not sell cats or dogs, they do sell many other species of animals. For years, animal lovers have complained to local Petco management and Petco's corporate headquarters regarding the treatment of the animals in Petco stores. Petco's corporate headquarters refuses to acknowledge any problem with their policies, blaming incidents of neglect and abuse on individual stores and store management, despite the fact that these are not franchised operations. A complete boycott of all Petco stores is the only way to get the attention of Petco's policy makers.

I spent what must have been 20 minutes talking to at least 3 employees and both the store managers, and they wouldn't DO ANYTHING! I asked at least 3 times if they would PLEASE sell me the rat so I could get him to the vet myself. They refused, citing their policy NOT TO SELL SICK ANIMALS!

The complaints against PETCO include, but are not limited to:

Obtaining and selling animals from pet mills
Keeping animals in overcrowded and inadequate housing/enclosures
Failure to separate sexually mature male and female animals
Failure to provide veterinary care for sick or injured animals
Your dollars speak for you! If you truly love animals and care for their well-being, don't support their needless suffering and death by patronizing Petco stores.

What you can do:

Show PETCO that the lives of all animals (not just cats and dogs) are more important than bargains or convenience.

Boycott PETCO! Buy your pet supplies elsewhere.
Consider adopting a pet in need of a good home.
Sign the Petition to PETCO to stop the sale of live animals in their stores, online at:The Petition

Write a letter to PETCO's CEO
Brian Devine
9125 Rehco Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel.: 800-765-9878
Mr. Devine's Secretary: 888-583-6044 x3046

Tell others! Put a bumper sticker on your car!
Order the new "PETCO kills birds" bumper sticker from the PETA Mall)

Other sites that address the boycott:

Visit the PetNo Home Page to learn more about the campaign.


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