Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Animal Lovers Unite - Boycott Petco.

This is an important post. Important for all of us that love our animal friends. As some of you know, I have several pets. I have Sierra the ball python, Ginger the tabby cat, Velvet the rat, and two mice named Stewart and Minnie. If I had the room and money to take proper care of them I would have quite a few more reptiles since they are my favorite.

About three months or so ago I went into the Petco store not far from here to look around. Any time I visit a pet store I like to visit all the little animals and see what they have for sale. They had a few small ball pythons in a tank. As I looked at them I realized that they were literally covered with mites. You could actually see the mites crawling all over the little snakes.

First of all my heart went out to the poor little pythons who were obviously miserable since one of them had mostly submerged itself to try to rid itself of the parasites. Knowing how gentle and sweet natured Sierra is, it seriously pissed me off too. She has never had anything like that and if she did, I would have treated her immediately and never allowed anything like that to get to the point that I saw on the animals in Petco.

My husband Pete (Read Pete's article about Petco too at Augmented Reality) was looking for another place to buy Sierra feeder rats/mice since I've also stopped buying rats from Plano Pets (another pet store in this area) as well because I found parasites crawling on one fuzzy-size rat. That store is suppose to be USDA approved too.

So where the hell is the USDA people to check on those animals? Oh wait -- that's right -- the government doesn't actually do anything other than give that title to a store. They don't actually send representatives out to keep check on the conditions the animals live in. THEY SHOULD. Animals are getting sick and dying because of the neglect and poor care of the people that buy and sell them.

Back to Pete. While googling for another place to get rats, he came across an article about Petco.

Follow this link:The Petco Boycott The neglect and poor treatment and care of their animals is simply atrocious and should not be allowed. Where is the government to intervene and put a stop to this? Why don't they care? Does it take people raising so much hell about it that someone finally gets sick of hearing about it then they do something about it? I for one will never buy anything else from Petco since they feel that money is more important than animals that depend on them for care.

If you care about animals, please check out the link and do not spend one cent in any Petco store. I live in the Dallas Texas area and from the information on the boycott page this is a nationwide problem with that entire chain. The only way to stop abusers like that is to stop giving them business and turn them into any and all government agencies. If one won't listen, call another one. And another and another and another. And I think this needs help from the SPCA. If anyone affiliated with the SPCA reads this, please contact me immediately.


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