Monday, December 13, 2004

Capital punishment

This post continues what Deek posted. That post was written after seeing the movie, "The life of David Gale" on cable the other night, The movie only reaffirmed my feelings and dislike of the death penalty. The contents of that post are personal and raw.

Ordinarily I wouldn't post something this personal but Deek felt it was the right thing to share so in this case I'll make an exception. If reading my words causes even one other person to stop and think about what I feel then maybe they will be more inclined to consider everything that reverbarates from a state execution and do something to help stop them for good. So maybe I've helped just a little.

The previous post (David Gale) by Deek is something I sent to him. This serves no real purpose other than to allow others to see into my heart. To read about something that I feel very strongly against. The subject of capital punishment is a very emotional one for me so if some of my language bothers you, just skip the David Gale post.

What can I do to help with the fight against capital punishment? Write to law makers? Write and call Congressmen? Which Texas Congressman or woman do not support capital punishment? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to post them.

Borrowed from, the following says it best. They should make t-shirts with this on it. They would easily sell because these are definitely words to live by.

"As one whose husband and mother-in-law have both died the victims of murder assassination, I stand firmly and unequivocally opposed to the death penalty for those convicted of capital offenses. An evil is not redeemed by an evil deed of retaliation. Justice is never advanced in the taking of human life. Morality is never upheld by legalized murder."

Coretta Scott King

I will do what I can to help. I hope others will too. These inmates need to know that they aren't alone. The TCADP's resource list is amazing and has loads of information on it.

The more people that get involved the easier it will be to someday know that this barbaric behavior no longer exists.


Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Resource Guide

Texas Moratorium Network

Canadian Coalition Against The Death Penalty

Fight The Death Penalty In The USA

Lamp of Hope


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