Sunday, November 28, 2004

My poems and writing

I was rather in the mood to write and wanted to share some of my poems. I write a variety of styles and I write what I feel. That being said, these are pretty ordinary. So as not to overwhelm anyone I'll only post a couple at a time.

These first two are poems I wrote when I was in Germany. I truly love everything about Germany and I found it very easy to write there. In fact, I find it much easier to write in Europe period. I think it's atmosphere mainly but the difference in culture is also a factor for me. So for me writing creatively is much easier in Europe than anywhere else including New Zealand.

Well let me clarify that. I actually did write quite a bit about New Zealand but it was more along the lines of descriptive things since there were so many gorgeous places to share. No poetry though. So, here are two results of my time spent in lovely Germany.

The city tree

Magnificent is the tree whose branches burst forth,
and whose roots have fought for a place to be.
Such is the life of a city tree...

Kathrine Ford

Under the blue of a German sky

Under the blue of a German sky
and the city that it caresses,
all the noises of ordinary life
my heart's desire it suppresses.

The warmth of the sun upon my skin
has also turned all that is green again.
To live and grow until all shall die,
under the blue of a German sky.

Kathrine Ford


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