Monday, December 13, 2004

David Gale

David Gale was a professor and someone who fought against capital punishment. He was a normal man. He had problems like we all do. One of the women with Death Watch was a very close friend of his. He didn't know for a long time but she was dying of leukemia. Gale had gotten into an argument with the governor of Texas over the fact that innocent people have been put to death. The governor told Gale, "You name me one man on death row that you can prove innocent and I'll free him." Gale had nothing further to say. Later on, the woman friend of Gales was found dead. She was found with tape over her mouth and a plastic bag over her head. She was handcuffed and the key to the handcuffs was found in her stomach. 

Four days before he was to die by lethal injection, Gale shared part of this with a reporter. There was a video tape found that showed the woman dying, laying naked on her kitchen floor. From all accounts, someone had framed Gale of her murder.The reporter started digging. She found out that another guy with Death Watch had done this. Or so she thought.

After she figured out everything, she found a second tape that showed the woman (keeping in mind that this lady was dying of leukemia) had committed suicide with the help of this other Death Watch supporter. The reporter watched as the woman swallowed the key then taped her mouth with duct tape. She put a bag over her head then taped that too. She laid down on the floor and put the hand cuffs on. Just as the tape ended, someone else walked into view of the camera. It was David Gale. He and Laura had planned the whole thing to prove that innocent people ARE falsely convicted and put to death. Throughout the trail the lawyer was totally incompetent yet no one did anything about it. The lawyer was involved as well and left the country.  The other Death Watch supporter helped and left the country as well.

At one point while talking to the reporter Gale had seemed to vaguely explain that he was tired. Tired of life. Gale had been divorced and his ex-wife had taken his son away. He wanted his son to know the truth and why he had done this.

As I said, I wept harder than I have in a very long time. They both had more courage than I ever could. 

I hate that there is any state that approves of murder. Very seldom do I watch local news on TV. I prefer BBC news or anywhere but local. One of the reasons is if there is an execution scheduled, the media won't leave it alone. They continually talk about it like it was a fucking baseball game. They give details that I don't want to know about. Where as I find myself breaking out in a cold sweat and watching the clock. I feel such pity and sorrow for them, wishing I could talk to the person and maybe give some small measure of comfort and love. If I could scream out loud enough for the person to hear me I would tell them, I care, I'm sorry, You're not forgotten.

Through the last night I can't sleep, I get sick if I eat. And I cry at the last minute knowing that a persons life has ended at the hands of the government and that people think it's perfectly ok and deserved. I adamantly refuse to serve on a jury because I simply will not be involved in a trial where the death sentence could possibly be involved. I would sit in a jail cell first. So there's what the fucking death penalty does to innocent people too. Hell we're all victims. Like the government would care though right? Goddamn them.

I send all my hopes, dreams and heart into the world to hopefully come back to me and help me get away from this country sometime soon.

Sorry for the rant. I need tea and music.



  • Hi Kate, I just saw this movie on the German version of HBO. I think Kevin Spacey is a great actor which he proved again in this movie. Another great one is The Usual Suspects. Concerning the death penalty. I'd like to say I'm against it, but that wouldn't be truthfull. Being a parent myself I would not be able to restrain myself if someone raped and killed one of my family members. I just hope that I'm never put in that position. A hard call. Raven

    By Blogger Raven the Pagan, at 7:44 AM  

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