Friday, November 19, 2004

A repost from Augmented Reality

The following is a bit that I posted on Pete's blog, "Augmented Reality". I'm reposting here in the hopes that someone will come forward and volunteer their services to teach me the rules of cricket. Feel free to correct me on the goal bit if it's wrong.

I see that things have moved on at work with Kumar playing cricket in the hallway. That's pretty funny actually. It's nice to know that at least one of the top guys has a good sense of humor or at least a sense of fun.

You may want to equip yourself with your own cricket bat so you can defend the goal. The goal being the filing cabinet in your cubicle. That is if cricket has goals. I am in dire need of a cricket tutorial. Deek! Help me here. lol...

Maybe they could make office cricket a new thing to boost employee moral and establish trust with upper management. After all, nothing says "I'm your friend" like giving someone a good whack on the nut with a cricket ball. Even if it does happen to be a tennis ball. Safer for in-office games I expect.

Plus getting sacked by the boss whilst he chases you from the office wielding a cricket bat millimeters from your skull wouldn't be a very pleasant way to end a working relationship.


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