Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cooking and the absolute King of Quesadillas

Over the years I have continually tried to create new recipes to keep dinnertime from being boring. Usually I succeed. Tonight I thought I might try to create a dessert that combined a Southern fruit crisp and an English pudding.

What I ended up with was a moist pudding with coconut, chopped pecans, oats and the other bready bits with raisins and chunks of juicy apples, brown sugar, fresh grated cinnamon and nutmeg with a cinnamony crisp topping. This is best served in small portions since it is rich and the calorie content goes into the infinite.

Needless to say, it came out wonderfully. It was the perfect ending to the homemade Mexican food I cooked tonight. I made enchiladas, refried beans and chicken and cheese quesadillas with salsa verde.

I was successful with all of it and the quesadillas came out great but I have to say that Mike's are still better than mine. I would say that isn't fair but other people reading this would not understand and think me loopy. Perhaps I should explain.

While I usually take great care in the preparation and presentation of most things I cook and bake, Mike's is generally cooked or baked as is and in the rough. And believe me, after years of some very tasty but interesting looking dishes, my words are kind. And yes in case you are wondering, I'm speaking of our own Chief Idiot.

Mike's cooking is great. If you don't actually look at what you are served or eat. The phrase, "it's all in the presentation" means nothing to him. Once he created a dish called Burrito Surprise. It actually tasted pretty damn good. But you couldn't look at it too long.

Later on, I had a dream that Mike's Burrito Surprise was chasing me down the street flinging cheese and sauce at me. It was very strange. Now I have a random fear of burritos and anything with "supreme" on it.

Having said that I turn to the taste. His quesadillas are exquisite and how fortunate for those eating it - It is so simple, there is little that could make it even slightly unattractive. So, we have good looks and great taste. Best in the state.

So Mike, I may tease you about how your dishes look, but take heart. You still wear the crown of the King for best quesadillas in Texas.


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