Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The birds are back in town

Ok, I've written about the birds here in the North Dallas area before and I was at least partially serious. I had thought that possibly they had moved on to some other area of town. Nope. No such luck. They're back and as I type, there is a large flock of the noisy little cat tormentors just outside my window. I yell at them now and then, "SHUT UP YOU BIRDS." they stop for maybe a minute or two then pick up the chorus again. I'm sure they add more birds each time.

I think they are singing special music just for me. I can here the words to that old song, "The boys are back in town" right now only with "boys" replaced by "birds".

I know there are a few intelligent people that read this blog now and then. Could someone please help me find a deterrent so that the feathered cretins would find another roost? I don't want to hurt them, just encourage them to move nest.

And you people can stop laughing and shaking your heads since I'm sure that's what most of you are doing right now. I am not a loon.


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