Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sanding disks or flame throwers. You decide!

You know the media advertises everything today. There is a cheap and shoddy product out there for pretty much everything anymore no matter what you need. I happened across something that I really found to be odd and still , I can't really see how it would work. Has anyone seen these ladies hair removal kits that contain something that looks very much like a sanding disk? I just wonder if I'm the only one that notices that crap. What really gets me is that it looks like a disk sander.

Anytime I see that stuff, I get these visuals of myself using whatever advertisers happen to be peddling at the time. So, here I am, sitting with this leg shaving, sanding disk while an EMS guy applies bandages to what's left of my ground up leg.

Now that I've shared that one, someone please tell me what those actually are and how they work. Do they work? Or is it a total farce and women are still left with those creepy stubbly hairs anyway despite the weekly sanding disk treatment? What a cruel trick that would be. Why not just create a mini flame thrower to singe the hair off? Someone will see this and make millions off what I just suggested.

*Disclaimer* The owner of this blog holds all rights, titles, patents etc on the mini flame thrower hair removal system. Also the blog owner is not responsible for any halfwit injured be it normal use or through total stupidity whilst trying to mini flame throw their hair away. So there.

And so, would you prefer to use a sanding disk or a mini flame thrower? Come on folks, let me hear your thoughts on this. M Bas IL Radio. Lines are open.


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