Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm still kickin'

Hello everyone! I'm here now from a short break to rest my weary nerves, body, brain etc. It's a real drag to get older and have your body betray you even while still mentally feeling much the same as twenty years ago.

My brain says, "Wheeee! Let's party!" but of course all the various bits inside each have their own agenda and few of them agree with each other. So, I've had to step in and settle things.

Taking Deek's idea, I've given my bits a good stern lecture about how I am the one in control here and all the individual bits will cooperate with what I want, like it or not. So there. Let's hope this settles things down.

I'll add more posts later today since my posting of October was almost nothing. Thank you Deek and Goalie for posting in my absence and keeping things going. It's nice to know that you guy's miss me when I'm not here. :o)

Onward and upward, it's time to cook Chinese.


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