Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hedgehog eh? Uhhhhhhuh.

In response to the last post, I'm writing to wsay that while I may be big, I am not hairy. Ha. So there. I happen to be very cuddly not unlike a koala bear. Not a big tyrant-type bear like a grizzly. Those mainly live in the upper US and I'm in the southwest. Ha again. I fail to see any resemblance to myself and a hedgehog though since I have no spikes. I can be spiky if I feel the need but normally I am not.

Both you two have my home phone number and are welcome to call me. In fact, Tassie Devil called me today to wish me a happy birthday and to catch up on all the bits we've missed back and forth. But, did Deeky call me? Nope. No call from His Deekness. However, since it's Deeky, I forgive him for not calling.

I do like fish and honey is nice too but that doesn't mean I'm a fish. Or a hedgehog. Or a bear. Maybe it's a fishy hedgebear. I love reptiles, snakes and lizards mainly so who can tell these things.

I feel good today, I think because it's my day to celebrate and do something fun. Wheeee! Please send large parcels of British goodies and huge steaming piles of cash immediately. Ok then don't. lol... I'll still love you both.

So is Tony Blair a fishy hedgebear too? Who knew he had the same problem I did? I didn't know. Frankly I'll be greatly relieved once mine has been corrected since I never know when I am going to have an attack so I can't live a normalish life at the moment. Suddenly having your heart start beating at 220 is a huge drag. Surgery is November 29. Keep fingers and eyes crossed but please, not while driving.

Ok, I am off to grill steaks for dinner. Everyone is invited. Deek, Tassie, Goalie, and of course my other alter ego, Chief Idiot, Mike. And yes Mike, I can over cook, burn and ruin yours just like you like it. He'll be reading this but not posting since he's likely to be chopping broccoli. HAHA... Blame SNL for that one.

More soon from Bushland. Say... that's catchy. But then sos a cold. Ha.


  • I did call you.. but since you are in Toxic Texas and I am on A Small Island Between Ireland and France, you couldn't hear me. Listen to the wind.. you'll hear a plaintive sound within... "happy..... birthday.... to..... youuuuuu....." it cries, the sound almost drowned out by the celebratory farting of Republicans and the beating of Democrat breasts...

    By Blogger Deek Deekster, at 12:54 AM  

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