Saturday, October 30, 2004

In Absentia

As our fearless leader is seemingly MIA, I feel it only appropriate to keep the spirit of this blog alive, but I find myself struggling for an appropriate topic.

I've been working for a political campaign since the new year while looking for a job, and in the past several days there's been a lot of last second push going on. Calling people, trying to get a gauge on the polls, get the voters we know are in support of us out to the polls, encouraging them to get their friends to vote, and perhaps most importantly locking in on the undecided voters.

This year it's been particularly interesting, there is a high number of Absentee voters (means they voted early.) Traditionally because they wouldnt' be able to vote on election day. This year though there's lots of speculation. Is it people avoiding the rush and we won't have that bit of a turnout? Or are we really going to have a large number of voters?

Let's not mention the large number of vote fraud schemes out there. It seems to be mostly focused around that of morally corrupt democrats (I know there are good democrats out there. Just have yet to see them. :P (j/k)). Apparently this year many votes have been bought for drugs, and fradulent registrations will vote by paying people with drugs to vote as a dead or non-existant person. There are several places that have more registrations than people who even live in the area- oy! That seems to be true here in Missouri, sadly.

The end result of this whole push, by both parties though, is sadly people are getting flooded with mail, email, commercials, phone calls, and door bells encouraging them to vote, and which way to vote. While one or two reminders is a good thing, 15 are not. I fear many people will be persuaded to vote against the person they really want just as a result of the tactics employed by the candidate or their party. Either that or they'll be talking to little orange gnomes with blue boxer shorts on..

So.. The republicans won't vote democrat, nor will democrats vote republican over that. Who does this usually leave us with? The Libertarians. This lot, although well meaning, are frequently overboard on issues that aren't that important, and extremeist on issues that would matter. If you look at them, do we really want them in office? Sometimes yes. I say this and I'm a Republican, I openly and freely admit and subject myself to the punishment of our audience.

Given the facts you see here... will we have a large voter turnout? Or the usual of people because of the disenfranchising of voters? Will those extra efforts offend people enough to make things really really messy? And what about those drugs? Will they work for their purposes? What will happen to the drugs if they're taken?

And on that note. Why aren't there any LEGAL drugs with interesting side effects other than making you pee anyway?

I do have to say, the massive effort and logistics of these final days makes things really really interesting, and is likely to make things really really hairy for those of us in the middle of working things out. There's one really pretty gal here (who'd I'd love to date, but am too shy to say anything).. Poor gal has had her mother in a car wreck, and works basically 8am to midnight every day. And they're not light work days either, it's full throttle during that time. She's really starting to wear down. I can only hope she gets a vacation soon. Either that or drunk and laid, or something like that. All God's children need laid after all.

So. This totally pointless rant is now here with many thought provoking things, but I fear I'm just too burnt out until I get some rest after the elction to do our usual amount of snide humor. I just don't have it left in me right now. Amazingly I've made a decently long post out of no real brain coherency.

Hrmm.. maybe there is a drug with interesting side effects other than urine creation. Just wish I could actually FEEL it.


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