Wednesday, October 06, 2004

399 Reps can't be wrong

The House of Representatives have voted 399-1 in favor of a bill to make Spyware illegal. "Hooray", I hear you all say. Then, I hear a moment's awkward silence and the shuffling of feet as there is the dawning realization that something that obvious should have been unanimous. Finally someone asks the question: "Who was the '1' that voted against this?"

I'm not going to answer that immediately; instead, see if you can guess:

1 - which party this party belongs to, and
2 - which state he represents.

Answers below.

1: Republican, what else?

2: Texas, where else?


  • I saw a report on this guy.. He didn't vote against spyware, voted against government expenditure apparently.

    From what the article I read said, the guy who voted against this bill would vote against a bill to save his own life if it cost the government more than $5.12 immediately or $7.29 (plus taxes, intrest) over a year.

    I hope, though, that these bills are re-examined. That Can-spam act, afterall, did a great job- legalized spam AND annoyed common users. *shurg*

    While pointing out that I'm generally a republican, can someone smack this texan around??

    By Blogger Goalie, at 11:19 AM  

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