Sunday, September 26, 2004

Home-Tried Cooking Tips

The following is a list of things I've experienced while cooking that have made me realize that even the best of cooks do have a bad day now and then. Or brainlock, whichever works best. I am normally a pretty good cook - yes, people actually compliment me on my cooking abilities. Even if they do have to yell into my ear through rows and rows of gauze bandages.

I don't really recommend you trying these as most of them stink up the house with either smoke or alcohol from the medicine cabinet. And besides, some of them hurt.

1. When making cinnamon toast, always make sure you actually are getting normal margarine or butter when you reach into the fridge because no matter what anyone tells you, garlic butter does not go with everything.

2. Be sure that what you take out of the spice rack is in fact cinnamon and not paprika. It isn't nice with sugar.

3. Always, always use an oven mitt to remove extremely hot pans from beneath the broiler because, damn!

4. When eating a snack of packaged highly seasoned corn chips be sure to pay attention to what is actually falling into your mouth. Corn chips are good- big clumps of seasoning that didn't break up are not.

5. When grilling bell peppers, do make sure that what you are grilling are in fact small, red bell peppers and not habanero peppers, which are insanely hot and will immediately cause your face to ignite.

6. If you happen to mistakenly grill and pop into your mouth half of a habanero pepper, make sure you have the following on hand. Ice cream, milk, sour cream, a crash cart, a ventilator and a fire extinguisher.


  • That is some very good advice, as far as cooking is concerned. I shall strive to take these to heart. =)

    By Blogger Elizabeth Raventail, at 8:50 AM  

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