Monday, September 27, 2004

Keyboard of the Gods

Well it's finally happened. While Pete and I were looking around in Fry's Electronics, I decided to check and see what sort of keyboards they have now. I found a slim one that was fairly quiet and was looking for an open box to have a look and check the keys for noise.

Let me back track here - My old keyboard was a standard issue that came with my system last year when I got it. It worked fine at first even if it was very noisy but of late, several of the keys had started to stick. The clacking from the keys was maddening as well. It sounded more like machinegun fire than a computer keyboard. Now back to the first bit.

Pete happened to notice a keyboard on the top shelf that looked strange. Strange in that the keys appeared to be glowing. Immediately I thought, "gimmick". Still, we opened it to have a look and here was this thin, smart keyboard that had clear keys. When plugged in, all the keys are lit with tiny LED's. No more fumbling in the dark to find this key or that key. There is a nice clear blue light glowing from my keyboard. As if that isn't enough, the thing makes almost no sound at all when the keys are touched. No clacking at all.

I am in keyboard heaven right now! Never again will I wish to run my keyboard over with the car. I have reached keyboard nirvana with my AuraVision Illuminated by eluminX. I highly recommend one if you happen to need a smooth, quiet and clearly lit keyboard.


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