Thursday, September 09, 2004

Oh the times they are not a-changing

Ok, ok maybe a bit. Maybe.

It is with semi-acute irritation that this post begins. Lately it seems that everything and everyone conspire to irritate me and send me into a spiral of snarfling, stroppy comments and flared nostrils. Now some of you might be able to get away with the flared nostril thing but I just don't have the nose for it. If anyone knows of a nose that looks good flared, please let me know.

BLOG ALERT! I have just been informed that Deek posted his last post on my blog out of the sheer goodness of his heart so mine would be caught up with his in the number of posts. All I can say is, thanks Deeky, Thanks heaps. Really. I mean it. That is not insincerity you hear in my voice either but genuine gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

I can only hope to repay you someday, somehow. Perhaps in small root vegetables. Possibly turnips or maybe parsnips. Maybe a nice mix of both.

Vegetables are all well and good however, I have gotten off the subject of this post which was written in regard to my irritation level being kept at such a constant high. Of course Deek and the vegetable brigade helped to calm me down considerably so again, I owe him many thanks. Deek thank you. Thank you so very, very, very very much.

There. I've done my much needed Python bit for the day. ...I feel better now.

Actually, all kidding aside, this guy has some seriously cool music and very nice websites. Don't miss the videos either, they're hilarious and always give me a great boost.

*funkbaby Get streaming funk! A variety of excellent streaming music.

*punkomelette My favorite funky punk omelette. Fun site and great videos.

* Get the funk in here! Learn how to funk up your life.

*blog of funk The everyday, but never ordinary.

Check 'em out and get the funk into your day.


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