Thursday, September 09, 2004

The blog matrix and extreme silliness.

I'd like to talk about blogs. Blogs are great. Discovering them has opened up an entire world of the minds of other bloggers. I was shown the truth of the blog matrix by none other than Deek. Tally ho Deeky.

It's great that most blogs contain so much of the writers identity as an individual. I try to be myself and write things the way I think of them in life. Normally that's pretty silly in one way or another. But then silliness is part of me.

One of my dreams is to meet at least one or two of the Pythons since their comedy team is the very essence of silly and my personal favorite. They are at least partially - I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of two-thirds to three quarters- responsible for my silly posts. The rest I blame on my cat. No real reason, he's just an easy scapegoat. Wait - sorry, scapecat.

Anyway, back to the serious. I would like to hope that anyone reading my blog will find something that is of interest even if it happens to be ridiculous. I suppose I could post things that others might like more but then I wouldn't be true to myself. I like the complete drivel that I post now. In fact, only a few pieces on here are serious and some of those aren't even mine.

There are so many blogs out there where people leave the most amazing things. Their thoughts and feelings - small parts of themselves that others can enjoy and ponder.

Search, explore, look, read, learn, experience!


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