Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Road signs for complete morons.

Well folks, here in Dallas it is, "National Stop On Red Week." That means that we simply must stop at the red lights. Damn and blast. And here I thought the lights were there to help make the road side area more Feng Shui.

Never mind that it's a law, apparently we still have the right as Americans or Texans, I don't really know which, to fly through the red lights at break neck speed regardless of other drivers. This is all very road warriorish if you ask me.

Perhaps there should be stricter penalties for red light runners such as repeatedly running over their foot until it looks like Bozo the clowns shoe. Or maybe simply being shot. I think that would probably be quite a good deterrent to doing it again.

Or perhaps a short walk through a mine field. I can see a police officer saying, "Ok Mister, one more stunt like that little red light running incident and it's a trip across the mine field for you."

Someone please, please explain all this to me. Are these people complete and utter morons? Do these light-running loons not see the inherent danger of jamming their foot onto the gas at the very last possible instant?

Oh sure, it might save you the extra two minutes spent waiting for the light to go green but is it worth the risk of ending up as human sushi in a meat wagon? I think not. STOP THAT YOU PEOPLE.

If you can't stop that then please remember that there are other people like myself who actually *gasp* stop at the red lights without the need of my tax dollars going to the state of Texas to fund road signs for National Stop On Red Week.

Pete and I will go on a picture hunt and try to get a shot of that sign before the week is over. That is providing that some half wit doesn't run a red light and smash into us. Keep your fingers crossed but not while you're driving.


  • Hey Kate. I saw your comment on Prison Pete's Blog and decided to hop on over and visit yours. Today is my first day as a blogger. Unless you count the AOL Journal Entries that I wrote and no one read. Anywhoo...Me and my husband are thinking of moving to Texas. Around the Houston/Bay Town Area. I would like to get the hell out of my horribly boring city and state (Ocala, FL) but I don't know if the traffic thing is something I could handle. Hmmm...I could probably get the hang of it after getting the hang of having more than two stoplights in a town...LOL so anyways...if you want to go to my blog...and read my rants...its: http://tennilleinfl.blogspot.com It will get better..I promise.. Yours is cool I like it.

    By Blogger TennilleInFL, at 9:03 AM  

  • I'm looking forward to seeing the photo of the sign! Meanwhile, good luck on the roads. Here in PA we have the opposite problem -- people braking as they approach a green light. Somewhere there has got to be a happy medium.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at 4:31 PM  

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