Thursday, July 15, 2004

Strange Happenings

I didn't mention it before but I had a similar experience in regard to Jc getting a jury summons in the mail. The day before it came, I was actually thinking about him getting a jury summons. I knew he would. Other people have seen this from me as well.

Pete knows how many times I have been thinking not only something similar to his thoughts but the exact same thing. It really never ceases to amaze me the number of times this happens to me. People have asked me what it feels like.

It's very difficult to explain. The only way I can even attempt to describe the feeling is that it is like something you already know, such as your own name. The thought is simply... there. Known, accepted.

So, coincidence? A divine gift? A curse? Rogue chemicals in the brain that affect or even control this sort of thing? Perhaps a combination of chemicals, specific metabolic states and outside stimuli that result in what appears to be psychic ability?

In any case, I find it interesting as well as curious when this happens to me. I would like to find some well-written information about this but I don't really know of any good reference sites on the subject.

If anyone knows any websites that address this sort of thing, please leave a post. Also, Deek if you happen to have info or thoughts/ideas on this, by all means write.


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