Thursday, July 08, 2004

A grand return

Well folks, been a while since I've posted anywhere, I've been enjoying the funs of life. Or is that runs.. who knows?

After recovering from a 1.5 week migrane, I travelled to a wedding. Well attempted to- seems someone decided to put a herd of cows in the highway, seriously. Stupid drivers? Who needs them! Bovines running at 15mph down a narrow twisty two lane highway always makes interesting things happen. Heck, we were a car back from the black blob of Buger King Beef.

Reminds me of this famed incident in my history, when my roommate (usually back by 5pm on Sundays) arrived closer to 1am. Brian is a great guy, and articulate at story telling. The wonderful thing about that link is he doesn't exaggerate at all- I can attest to his personality, and the facts that were relayed to me only shortly after the event.

Now, Harry Houdini House Guest below here also gets me thinking- what if mice were large enough to make you avoid them with vehichles? Like raccoon size. No, wait, let's go a little larger, more like a 6 month old deer. *shudder*

Haven't seen Kate online in a while, and haven't really gotten to meet the rest of you yet... in fact, since the wedding I've been hiding. I only crawled outta bed to post my inarticulate rant and see if there is still a world out there. Judging by the record low 408 people on the IRC servers right now, I'm beginning to wonder.

Oh, final "rant" note- if you know anyone needing a jack of all trades IT person, contact me! :) (/troll)

Back to my cave. I expect to wake up to see this deleted. Or spammed with flames. Either way, I'll at least have that warm and fuzzy feeling of "Did I really make that post?"

EDIT: Somehow this didn't post the first time. Grr.


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