Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's been a drag

It saddens me to say that my son's snake died. We think he may have contracted a respiratory infection but I'm not sure. Anyway, I've been SICK about that. Just sick. I'm going to get my son another baby python but it's not the point you know?
I let the little snake down by not recognizing that he may have been ill. More important, I let my son down. The whole thing has just made me cry till I'm sick. I love animals and reptiles very much and when I am responsible for the death of a living, breathing animal, be it from lack of knowledge on proper care and signs of illness or my own stupid carelessness, it simply wipes me out.  I plan to make it a point to learn all I can about pythons and possible illnesses.
And as if all that is not bad enough, at 3:33 am Saturday, a guy called our house wanting to talk to my son Donny- he just kept on and on about it. I wouldn't say anything about where Donny was because the guy wouldn't tell me who he was or anything. He finally hung up.
He called back not one minute later asking for Donny again. I said, look, I'm not tellin you ANYTHING till you tell me who you are and what you want. He says, "Look, Donny owes me money and I want it. If I don't get it I'm gonna kill him. I WANT MY MONEY. I'LL FIND HIM AND WHEN I DO, I'LL GET HIM." Then he hung up.
Donny wasn't home and no one that knew him could find him. I panicked- I started calling his friends to try and find him to make sure he was ok. I had to end up getting the police to find him and bring him home from across town.
With the police involved because of the threat, they located the guy that called. Supposedly, it was a joke. The police didn't think it was a very funny joke any more than I did. They explained that since he had made a threat all he has to do is move wrong and he's going to jail. If that guy does anything else or calls or comes around our house, he's going to jail.
My son as well as several of his friends have said that the person has (seriously) psychiatric problems. That still concerns me since we really don't know what he might and might not do. The police are watching him so I hope this is over.
All in all this has been a very sad and worrying week. Send me good vibes and blessings please!


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