Monday, May 09, 2005

A kidney stone the size of a small cat

Hello to everyone in blogger land or just those of you who are visiting my site. I have been busy being very ill with a kidney stone the size of a small cat. I will share with you the normal explanation of what's been happening as I set to a friend.

..."just got home from the hospital last night. I was admitted last Thursday night and had surgery that same night to put in a stint. Basically, The Urologist had to go into my kidney and put a stint in to hold open the tube. The name starts with a U? I can't remember what he called it. Anyway, the stone was blocking it and he was worried that it would cause serious, permanent damage. He pushed the stone back up into my kidney and then put in the stint. This is incredibly painful... I just can't begin to tell you how much. I hope all goes well and that I can heal quickly.

According to the Doctor he will have to do laser surgery to break it up since it is enormous. He told me that most stones he has removed have normally been around 5mm-7mm. He said that mine was huge (I misspoke myself on the other email, the stone was 1cm) in comparison. What's worse is that he isn't positive when he can do the surgery since he literally has to call in favors from his physician friends and colleagues in order to find a hospital that has a laser unit available and not in use. Then he has to shift some patients around to move me up. I am hoping that he can do the surgery within at least a day or two. I seriously hope that it won't be much longer than a couple of days.

He did give me antibiotics, and a drug (Urised) for spasms since my bladder and all my abdomen and back hurt, as well as a pain (Norco 10 mg/325mg tablets) medication. However it is still extremely painful and I am home only because I chose to come home and try to convalesce at home rather than staying in the hospital until the surgery. But if I have any trouble - high fever, unmanageable pain, inability to urinate, I have to go straight back to the ER pronto. I am so sick... UGH."

Fortunately for me, the Doctor called this morning to say that he had gotten me scheduled for this coming Thursday. Please keep your fingers and eyes crossed for me that all goes smoothly. I had no idea that this would be so painful - it's unreal!

Another thing I wanted to comment on is my nonexistent ipod. I don't have mine yet. So far, I only have two people of the five I need that have actually completed an offer so if anyone else wants to do something nice for me besides hitting the paypal (feel free to send me steaming piles of cash. I would say "dough" but if I did, I just know that someone would send me a box with actual dough in it. Ha! I foiled the silliness attempt.) button, feel free to complete an ipod offer. Thank you and this concludes this presentation.


  • I'm visiting via blogexplosion. I just had my 9th..i think..stone in March, and all i can offer is ENJOY THE DRUGS while they last ;)

    By Blogger puglet, at 11:25 PM  

  • Dear Kate,

    I read your blog regarding your kidney stone as big as a cat, and felt I had to respond with my very own episodes and commiserate!

    i currently have a stint in and hate it! Allow me to start from the beginning, without being too verbose.

    About 8 months ago, I developed pain in my left flank, saw some occult blood in my urine, but kept the pain at bay with aspirin. After a week of that, the pain subsided. I did go to the doctor and had a sonogram. Not much was found, no evident stones, so I thought I had passed it, so I went on with my life.

    Speed forward to present day, May 2005. More blood but no off to the doctor. Took urine and blood samples, did not really say much, so I went ahead with my business plans and traveled to Orlando for my conference. Five days into my trip, I spent 7 hours in the hotel room with hourly repeats of inncredible pain, nausea, vomitting...all to repeat hourly. Finally, I could not take anymore and my coworkers rushed me to hospital. CT scan and morphine later (whew!) I was told I had a 4 mm stone.

    So now, back to Miami for follow up the following week. Had to have an IVP, Intravenous Pyelogram where a contrast (iodine) was used to help show the kidney following the Xrays. It was then found that my left kidney, although they could NOT see a stone, don't ask me why, but they could see that the kidney was blocked and quite large in size due to the blockage. So, now surgery was scheduled to laser the stones and insert a stint.

    Actually the surgery, (outpatient, with general anasthesia) was uneventful. The stint is another thing. I was told to expect and currently have blood in the urine and some clots that break free every now and then. Expected, but not very calming to see, to be honest. The stint has been in now for one week. I was told the longer it stays in, the better. It keeps the ureter dialated and open for paassage of remaining stones. Forgot to mention, the surgery did remove lots of stones and many of them. Annyways, the stint is horrible. Burning pain during flow and a pinching of the kidney all in one! But if I can keep going for another week, and then remove it with a cystoscopy. Dreading that, but hopefully that will be the end of it.

    Sorry if I am too graphic, but just wanted to get info out there for others. Let me know if any questions.

    By Blogger Drace Langford, at 12:32 PM  

  • This questions is for Drace... so what did it feel like when they removed the stint?
    I just had one inserted a week ago and it has to remain in for another 3 before removal... and you're absolutely right... it's horrible!
    When my dr. was removing my ovary, he nicked my ureter with the blade and the stint had to be inserted for the ureter to heal.

    Please email me back... I'm dying to know what to expect!

    By Blogger gailmari, at 7:21 PM  

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