Thursday, March 31, 2005

The state of the blog.

Very soon I will be creating a second blog specifically for animal related posts etc. I've decide on the basic layout but not style, colors etc. I'll write a post once it's up and running.

This blog will celebrate it's first birthday in June. It doesn't seem that long ago that I began writing on here. With almost a years worth of posts there is quite a large archive of material so read through some of that as well. Occasionally I do a repost simply because some of the stuff was written back in the beginning and it's easier than searching for it.

I have enjoyed blogging and have read some very interesting material on other blogs and met some of the nice people that write them. By met I mean have written comments, email etc and gotten to know some. Not actually in person.

We bloggers are such a large, diverse culture it never ceases to amaze me. But that is part of the greatness of it. There is something for everyone. I love most of the funny blogs I've come across but once in awhile I find one that really makes me laugh.

Just the other day I happened upon Weasels in my shorts and laughed myself silly. Check out the weasels. That certainly isn't the on;y one either, there are loads of really funny pages. I'll post links to more funny stuff soon.


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